One in a million: how to choose a specialty and not to miscalculate?

The most difficult thing in the eleventh grade is not even to take the USE, but to choose a quality essay writing service to write it. September is just around the corner, and you still don't know where to go, who to join? Our rescue team is on its way. Let's figure out what to do if "well, pick what you like" doesn't work.

The alchemist's way: try everything
Some subjects in schools are taught in such a way that over their mortal bodies only to pray. Naturally, with such a presentation, falling in love with the discipline is almost unrealistic. And this is one of the main reasons why enjoys such popularity not everyone can find the desire to do something in eleventh grade, and especially the lessons.

Fortunately, the problem is solved simply: we resurrect the subject with another teacher. Or even subjects. Try as many new disciplines and teachers as possible. Someone will definitely be able to awaken a spark in you! And from that spark, together we can fan the flame as we prepare for the USE.

The Way of the Samurai: Act, then think
You have dozens of years to decide on a profession. The biggest secret of adults is that they make mistakes. Nowadays, few people work in the same profession and in the same position all their lives. So why exactly should you make up your mind immediately and join the ranks of the valiant "I've devoted fifty years to this job, and here's my thanks"?

You can always solve problems as you go. Choose the subjects for the USE that you do best. First, it's likely that you have a talent for writing and you could very well relate to them. Secondly, you will have a solid foundation, which is easy to bring to 100 points with us. And since you won't have to learn everything from scratch, you'll have time to relax, gain experience in different specialties, and find yourself.

The player's path: miscalculate your moves.
Not knowing what you want is absolutely fine. It's an enormous burden for graduates to have to decide their future in just a few months. And it's very hard to deal with without help.

Don't be afraid to turn to parents and psychologists, and use techniques and internet tips for finding yourself. You never know what method will work for you. It can be a joke test "What fairy from Winx?", which will open your desire to do nerdiness, or a full step by step method to identify your ambitions. The important thing is to help others help you.

A little cheating never hurt the game.

Choose your path, hero. No matter how hard your road is, we will always be there for you, from zero to 100 on the USE, from "I don't know what I want" to "this is my dream profession. We will walk this path together.
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